Farman Ulhaq

Farman Ulhaq is a Partner of Napa Ventures.

Farman brings significant technical expertise to Napa Ventures. He has decades of hands-on technical experience in software engineering, systems architecture design, information systems security, development methodologies, and performance optimization.

As Chief Technology Officer of Napa Group, LLC, Farman oversees all technology implementation, including infrastructure, development methodologies, communications and R&D. (Napa Group, LLC provides technical expertise and software development services for Napa Venture Partners.) He has developed multiple enterprise applications and led teams of analysts, engineers, and quality assurance personnel.

Farman holds a BS in Computer Science from Baruch College. He also holds Microsoft certifications including System Engineer, Software Developer, and Database Administrator, as well as the Open Group Certified Architect certification. In high school, Farman held a school record as a cricket bowler, able to deliver a pitch at close to 140 km/hr. For this reason, he is often called the "Shoaib Akhtar of venture capital."