Irvin Goldman

Irvin Goldman is a Managing Partner of Napa Ventures.

As founder and president of Validity Holdings LLC, Irvin Goldman brings more than 30 years of experience in investment banking to his work, with key roles at some of the world's largest firms. Irvin manages a wide range of investments in private equity, venture capital and public securities, and provides advisory services for other family offices.

Irvin opened Validity after a period at JPMorgan Chase, where he served as head of strategy in its Chief Investment Office. In addition to his investment advisory role on a $350 billion global fixed income portfolio, Irv served as a member of JPMorgan's Risk Operating Committee, Global Regulatory Strategy Committee, and Strategic Investment Committee. Prior to JPMorgan, Irvin had been president and CEO of Cantor Fitzgerald & Co., during which time he helped the once-devastated investment bank join the very small list of primary dealers with the Federal Reserve Bank.

Earlier in his career, Irvin spent more than a decade at Credit Suisse First Boston, as a managing director and head of US Interest Rate and Derivatives, US Proprietary Trading, Mortgage Backed Securities, Repurchase Agreements, and Global Futures. He began his career at Salomon Brothers after completing an MBA in finance and BS in economics at New York University.

Irvin Goldman is an independent advisor representative (IAR), and enjoys collecting, painting, and drawing art.